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Enterprise GIS Data CD Order Form.

The MOA GIS Data CD fee is $75.00. The available GIS Enterprise database is provided in ESRI shapefile (.shp) format. If you are requesting the data in order to fulfill a contractual obligation to the MOA or as part of a valid data sharing agreement, you may request a waiver of the fee. In these cases, please contact the Information Technology Main office at 907-343-6887. You will have to supply a copy of the title and signature pages of the contract or data sharing agreement. If the fee is waived, use or transfer of the data for purposes other than those specified is strictly prohibited.

Please read the following carefully. By submitting this order form you are agreeing to this disclaimer and copyright claims.

The Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) does not warrant the accuracy of maps or data provided, nor their suitability for any particular application. The product or service, which you have received is based on a version of data which was developed and is maintained by the MOA. There may be errors in the data. This map or data may not meet your needs.

The information provided is designated pursuant to AS 29.71.060 as copyrighted material. Any transfer, sale, lease or transmittal to any third party without value added and without the written authorization of the Information Technology Department may be considered a violation of this copyright and subject such individuals to civil liability.

(property information)

For CAMA data we recommend using the Municipal Appraisals's web site http://www.muni.org/departments/finance/property_appraisal/pages/default.aspx.
Please contact Property Appraisal at (907) 343-6770 for more information.

Use the form below to order the MOA GIS Data CD.

Select the payment process you want.

(You may pay by cash or check when you pick up your purchase. Send us a check and include a note with delivery instructions and which product and quantity you want to purchase. Please do not send cash. We can bill you for product that we mail out. ON-LINE CHARGES ARE NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTED)

Please bill me at the address I entered below.

I will bring a check when I pick up my purchase or mail a check to:

Municipality of Anchorage
Information Technology Department
632 West 6th Ave. Suite #430
Anchorage, AK. 99501

Select a delivery method.

Mail my purchase to the address I entered below.

I will pick up my purchase at:

632 West 6th Ave., Anchorage, AK. 99501 (Suite 430)

Select how many CD/DVDs you want to purchase.

Select quantity:

The MOA GIS Data CD is priced at $75.00 each. Please multiply your quantity ordered by $75.00/CD to arrive at your final total costs.

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